HS1. Assorted Seafood Shrimp, crab meat, scallops, abalone and vegetables sauteed in chef’s special sauce (Served on a sizzling hot plate) $14.95
HS10. Dragon & Phoenix A combination of shrimp and tender chicken slices in very special sauce $14.95
HS11. Scallops & Shrimp Sauteed Scallops and shrimps sauteed with mixed vegetables in white wine sauce $14.95
HS12. Three Ingredients in Black Bean Sauce Combination of shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables with chef’s specially black bean sauce $13.95
HS13. Kung Pao Three Ingredients *Hot & Spicy. Combination of shrimps, beef and chicken with vegetables cubelets, peanuts in hot sauce. Szechuan style $13.95
HS14. Mandarin Combo with Bean Curd *Hot & Spicy. Shrimps, barbecued pork and white meat chicken, blended with various type of Chinese vegetables and tasty bean curds in a rich chicken broth. A mandarin favorite $13.95
HS15. Pepper Salted Shrimp with Shell Shrimp deep fried and sauteed in a spicy salt seasoned with garlic $16.95
HS2. Sizzling Three Ingredients Sliced chicken, beef and shrimps sauteed with vegetables served on sizzling rice $13.95
HS3. Lover’s Prawns This is beautiful half the shrimp are sauteed in a white sauce. Half shrimp are hot Szechuan tomato sauce. Served side by side divided by slices of fresh orange $14.95
HS4. Hawaiian Five-O Deep fried shrimps, chicken and pork sauteed in sweet and sour sauce $12.95
HS5. Sweet & Spicy Three Ingredients Slice chicken, beef and shrimp fried in a light batter, sauteed in sweet and spicy sauce $14.95
HS6. House Special Chinese Steak Choice of tenderloin filet sauteed with Chinese vegetable in our chef’s special sauce. A steak dish that is different served in a hot plate $13.95
HS7. Three Ingredients in Phoenix Nest Sliced chicken, beef and shrimps sauteed with vegetable in chef’s special sauce. Served in a basket formed $14.95
HS8. Mongolian Two Delight Sliced beef and chicken sauteed with green onions and garnished with fried rice sticks $11.95
HS9. Tangerine Beef *Hot & Spicy. Sliced beef deep fried and sauteed with tangerine peel and scallops in spicy sauce $11.95