B1. House Beef Tender slices of marinated beef in chef’s special sauce $10.25
B10. Szechuan Beef *Hot & Spicy $9.95
B11. Moo Shu Beef $10.95
B12. Kung Pao Beef *Hot & Spicy $9.95
B13. Beef with Vegetables $9.95
B14. Beef with Satay Sauce Beef, assorted vegetables & spicy barbecue sauce $9.95
B15. Beef with Black Bean Sauce $9.95
B16. Beef with Curry Sauce *Hot & Spicy $9.95
B2. Beef with Snow Peas $9.95
B3. Beef with Green Pepper & Onion $9.95
B4. Ming’s Beef Tenderloin of beef, skinned mushrooms and sauteed Chinese vegetables garnished with fried rice sticks $9.95
B5. Mongolian Beef Sliced tenderloin beef sauteed with green onions and garnished with fried rice sticks $9.95
B6. Beef with Broccoli $9.95
B7. Beef with Black Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots $9.95
B8. Sizzling Beef Sliced beef and scallops with chef’s special sauce (served on sizzling hot plate) $9.95
B9. Beef with Oyster Sauce Sauteed beef with vegetables & imported oyster sauce $9.95